Susan Laflin's Projects.

Project Number 2. Online system for a club or small business.

This is a very general project and many of you will have ideas which fit into it. You might wish to design a system to administer a club for some activity. This would require you to keep membership lists, possibly organise tournaments or the use of facilites. If the aim of the club is some sport, then there are likely to be rooms, tables, playing-fields to be booked, and possibly meetings or classes to be organised. Many sports have some type of competition and these results need to be stored and accessed.

Another version might be to provide a system to run a small business of some sort. This would need to hold stock lists, deal with orders and keep track of staff. All this is fairly standard, but would be the right size for an M.Sc project.

Both these projects would need to design a database to hold the information and user-interfaces to extract the required details. They offer scope for one or more booking systems and so allow you to demonstrate your competance as Software Engineers. They build on the experience you have gained in your Software Workshop during the year. They allow different classes of user, who should be able to access different parts of the system. An administrator will be able the change anything, but other users will be more restricted.