Computer Applications to Archaeology

In April 1997, the 25th Annual Conference was held at the University of Birmingham. The proceedings, consisting of a CD-Rom containing all the papers and a printed volume with a selection of papers and abstracts of the others, were completed in time for the 1999 conference in Dublin and are still available (BAR S750). They appear as:-

Archaeology in the Age of the Internet:
Proceedings of the 25th Anniversary Conference of CAA.
Birmingham April 1997.
Organisers: Susan Laflin, Vince Gaffney, Sally Exon & Martijn vanLeusen.

Table of Contents

25 Years of CAA - 7 papers.
Landscape Archaeology and GIS - 14 papers.
Quantitative Methods - 7 papers.
Database Developments - 6 papers.
Digital Archiving - 6 papers by ADS.
Geophysics and Remote Sensing - 9 papers.
Museums, Education and the Internet - 5 papers.
Management Perspectives - 11 papers.
The Blunt Edge - 8 papers.
Moving Through Space - 7 papers using 3D models.
Finds Analysis and Curation - 8 papers.

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