Details of my supervisions in recent years are included below. Most of the dissertations are available in the library if you wish to see what they did. Kate Graham and Adam Oliver in 2002 produced projects I remember as particularly good examples.


Details of the times I was available and how to find my office in the Chemistry West Building were included on my web site and I could also be contacted by email. A summary is included below:

I was available in room 245 from 9am to 11am on Thursday 28th April 2005
and on Friday 29th April from 9am to 11am
and in room 222 on Thursday 5th May from 9am to 11am.

I did not come in during the examination period.

I was available in my office from 9am to 11am on Thursday 2nd June, Thursday 9th June, Thursday 16th June, Thursday 23rd June, Thursday 30th June, Thursday 7th July and Thursday 14th July.

Then I was away on holiday for 3 weeks.

Since no-one had turned up to see me before 10.30, I changed my arrangements for the rest of the summer. I came in at a specified time and waited for about half an hour to see if anyone wished to come.
I was available at 10.30 on Thursday 11th August, 5 students came to see me and I remained until 12 noon.
I was available on Thursday 18th August at 10.30. 5 students came to see me and I left at 11.40.
I was available at 10.20 on Thursday 25th August, saw 5 students and left at 12 noon, but met a 6th student in the foyer of the School and spent another 10 minutes with him.
I was available at 10.15 on Thursday 1st September, 7 students came to see me and I finished at 12 noon.
The next week was occupied by project demonstrations.
I came into the School at 2pm on Wednesday 14th September, saw 6 students and stayed until 3.40pm.
I came into the School on Thursday 15th September - only 1 student came to see me so I left at 11 o'clock.
The deadline for submission of dissertations was Monday 19th September.

Summer 2005 1.Computer System for a General Election. Chris ANDREWS. M.Sc I.S.S.
Summer 2005 2.Online system to manage a football club. Li CAO. M.Sc C.S.
Summer 2005 3. Online system for a bookshop. Zhong Quiang CHEN. M.Sc C.S.
Summer 2005 4. System to Manage a Recording Studio. Jennifer CROWE. M.Sc C.S.
Summer 2005 5. Online booking system for a restaurant. Kewen LIU M.Sc C.S.
Summer 2005 6. Online system for a gymnasium club. Xiwen QU. M.Sc C.S.
Summer 2005 7. Interactive Guide to Vienna. Ahsan TANWEER. M.Sc C.S.
Summer 2005 8.Online store to sell MP3 players. Da Ke WU M.Sc C.S.
Summer 2004 1.Virtual University Visit (Sport) Stephen Parker M.Sc.
Summer 2004 2.Interactive Guide to Xi'an Bo Li. M.Sc.
Summer 2004 3.Interactive Guide to Liverpool Qzang (Harry) Zhang M.Sc.
2003/4 1. An Interactive Guide to London's West End. Richard Niven B.Sc.
2003/4 2.An Interactive Guide to Birmingham Imran Chopdat B.Sc.
2003/4 3. Simulation of Semaphore. Wing F. Sy B.Sc.
Summer 2002 1. An Interactive Guide to Bury St Edmunds. Kate Graham M.Sc.
Summer 2002 2. An Interactive Guide to Bath. Andrew Lee M.Sc.
Summer 2002 3. An Interactive Guide to Stratford-on-Avon. Richard Ellingham M.Sc.
Summer 2002 4. An Interactive Guide to Bridgnorth. Adam Oliver M.Sc.
Summer 2002 5. An Interactive Guide to Beijing Linlin Xu M.Sc.
Summer 2002 6. An Interactive Guide to Bicester. Shofiqur Rahman M.Sc.

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